Lego Creations

I’m here to share some Lego creations by me and my little brother.  The first one I would like to show you is what I call an E.D.M which means earth defense machine.  The machine has a claw for grabbing, a shield for blocking, two lasers and a slash claw.  For optimum use the E.D.M has two pilots and its battery in the back.  The other thing is a satellite train, the train has a giant satellite for receiving and broadcasting messages. The satellite uses its dish to catch radio waves and the middle shoots them out. So those are just some things me and my brother built.

lego3 lego2

Places I want to go: Japan

I always wanted to travel the world and now I’m going to talk about Japan.  Japan is a part of Asia, the country’s capital is Tokyo and there are many sights to see such as Mt. Fuji and the cherry blossom tree, they also sometimes eat blowfish.  In Japan, 80% of the country follow the Shinto religion, the word Shinto means way of the gods, there are over 100,000 shrines in the country.  Shinto has Kami which are sort of gods.  Japan is a really nice place and I would like to go there.


Ebola Safety

Ebola_virus_emThe Ebola virus has reached the United States of America and I have some tips on how to stay healthy. When someone first contracts Ebola the symptoms resemble that of the common cold or the Flu. Later on symptoms such as bleeding from the eyes; purple spots on the skin and fever can occur. Ebola is very hard to contract because it is transferred through bodily fluids and the contaminated area must come in contact with an opening in the body such as the mouth, nose, eyes, cuts, and bruises in the skin. Always wash your hands after going to public places and after eating. Use these precautions to avoid catching Ebola. So far the disease has had three cases in the United States of America and a major outbreak in West African countries including Liberia. It is predicted that there will be thousands more cases of Ebola through December. There are five different strains of Ebola though all of them are fatal.

Serve to Conserve

Our way of life on the planet earth depends on resources such as renewable ones and non-renewable ones. As an example for a non-renewable resource (a resource that when used does not reproduce) take oil; oil is derived from plants buried underground millions of years ago then compressed into a liquid. We use oil to fuel machines such as cars and buses. Non-renewable resources can become scarce after long periods of time and when these essential items numbers deplete catastrophic things can happen to the industries of oil and many other products. Renewable resources are things such as trees; a tree for example is able to grow from a seed and reproduce they are excellent examples for renewable resources. Though people can still halt the reproduction of these resources for example cutting down trees and forests; this can cause damage to the planet ending the loss of our resources. You can help by saving trees and donating money to save the forests.



Our population today the population is in the billions and is expected to go much higher in the next few years. The population used to be somewhere in the millions but then there was the Industrial Age. Amazing breakthroughs in medical science started happening; cars came to roads and trains moved important goods. Then the amount of people on earth sky rocketed to immense numbers. That is why the population is very massive; though because of our great numbers the planet Earth’s resources are steadily decreasing; this can have catastrophic damage to the planet. Since we can’t stop population growth what we can do is save water; take more showers and drive cars less.

Bud, Not Buddy.

Bud, Not Buddy is a book by Christopher Paul Curtis.  The story starts in the 1930s and is about a young boy named Bud who has lived in a orphanage for four years since his mom died.  Then after one night in the home of the Amos family he sets out on a journey to find his father. The book has won the Coretta Scott King award and the award for the most  distinguished contribution to American Literature for children. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.


A few days ago I went to Washington D.C.,  I saw the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. The city has countless astonishing sights such as the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the Smithsonian museums. Also in front of the Capitol building there is a memorial for president Ulysses S. Grant. The white house is huge and many more buildings are indeed amazing. If you plan on going I hope you enjoy your trip.

On the way there we stopped at Colonial Williamsburg,Virginia and learned about the time around the Revolutionary War. I also saw at Washington D.C. the National mall and the Vietnam War memorial there were so many names it was sad to see. We went to the Arlington National Cemetery where there was President John F. Kennedy and Justice Thurgood Marshals and the graves of thousand of great men and women who served our great country. I also saw the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; where you have to be quiet out of respect.