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Are you a fan of STAR WARS?  Do you find origami interesting?  Then check out “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” by Tom Angleberger and other books in the series.

The first book follows a sixth grade boy named Tommy, as he tries to find out if his very weird classmate Dwight’s finger puppet Yoda can use the FORCE.

Tommy does this in the form of a case file and with the help of friends finds out if he can ask Yoda a huge question.

Read “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” to find out the question.


THE LEGO MOVIE in theaters

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I am going to talk about the LEGO MOVIE which is about and seemingly ordinary LEGO man named Emmet.  In the movie Emmet is taken on a crazy adventure being told he is the “special” from the prophecy.  The quest is to stop the evil Lord Business from ending the world.  So I saw the movie and you should check it out.


The Winter Olympics 2014

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  The Olympics in Sochi Russia have been going on and I would like to know what are your favorite winter sports?  Well I enjoy snowboarding and skiing events because they seem exciting.  I would also like what countries are you rooting for.  I would like to know if anyone saw the opening ceremony.

I’m Back!

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I am sure you are all wondering, why am I not posting any blogs and here are some reasons why.  Number one is the holidays preparing  for Thanksgiving and Christmas is very time consuming.  Also, I have been given two German Shepherd dog puppies last year to take care of.  Last I am really low on ideas though I will post the newest big news for this year.  Soon this  year I will be  blogging about movies news and events.  If any of you are going to see the LEGO MOVIE, leave that in the comments.  Please remember that I will not spoil movies and do not leave comments that spoil movies thank you.

Here are some pictures of my new dogs, King and Bishop. ( I love Chess)


sept192013 473sept192013 492


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JFK Assassination: 50 years later

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy served in office from 1961 to 1963.  President Kennedy was born to a wealthy family in Massachusetts and was the second of nine children.  Most of his family was involved in politics.  President Kennedy graduated from Harvard and when World War II started enlisted in the Navy.  In the 1960 election, Kennedy’s opponent on the Republican side was Richard Nixon.  At the time President Kennedy was only 43 and became the youngest man to become President.   He founded the Peace Corps and the Kennedy Space Center.  He spoke out against racial discrimination and met Martin Luther King.  President Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas,  Texas, on November 22, 1963 by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald.

PS4 v. Xbox One

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Have you heard about the new game systems PS4 and Xbox One? If you have heard, then in this blog there are facts about the systems and a written opinion for which game I plan on getting.  I will only tell you a few things about the systems though I will tell you the price the PS4 sells at $399 and the Xbox One sells at $499.  I would rather have the PS4 due to mostly price and other features.  Be sure to pick one of these up this holiday season.

  • Better graphics
  • $399 price
  • controller with touch pad


Thanksgiving, a holiday?

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Have you ever wondered why Thanksgiving a holiday if the Native Americans got killed by the Europeans.  I thought of this because they had they all had a large feast the Europeans still killed the Native Americans.  So next time you should think of that when you celebrate Thanksgiving.


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