Bud, Not Buddy.

Bud, Not Buddy is a book by Christopher Paul Curtis.  The story starts in the 1930s and is about a young boy named Bud who has lived in a orphanage for four years since his mom died.  Then after one night in the home of the Amos family he sets out on a journey to find his father. The book has won the Coretta Scott King award and the award for the most  distinguished contribution to American Literature for children. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.


A few days ago I went to Washington D.C.,  I saw the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. The city has countless astonishing sights such as the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the Smithsonian museums. Also in front of the Capitol building there is a memorial for president Ulysses S. Grant. The white house is huge and many more buildings are indeed amazing. If you plan on going I hope you enjoy your trip.

On the way there we stopped at Colonial Williamsburg,Virginia and learned about the time around the Revolutionary War. I also saw at Washington D.C. the National mall and the Vietnam War memorial there were so many names it was sad to see. We went to the Arlington National Cemetery where there was President John F. Kennedy and Justice Thurgood Marshals and the graves of thousand of great men and women who served our great country. I also saw the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; where you have to be quiet out of respect.


Be grateful for your summer

Summer is twelve weeks of possibly whatever you want it to be.  Though some 100 maybe 200 years ago summer was about getting kids out of school to work and on the farm.  Imagine being out in the hot sun all day work in dirt. So be happy that you may use your summer for fun time.


Reading is Fundamental

Have you ever wondered why reading is so important? Reading is important because when you know how to read it can be easier to understand the world. People should periodically take time to read a book.

I happen to read very often; so much so that I read books way above my 4th grade level.  The last book I just read was “Mockingjay”; the final book of the “Hunger Games”. My mom takes me to the library every week, where I checkout 20 books or more.

Think about it, if you can’t read, you can’t read books or signs and come to think of it you wouldn’t be reading this blog!

So if you know someone who can’t read try to teach them to read.

My new favorite show: Cosmos


Cosmos is, in my opinion, one of the best shows on TV.  Cosmos is about the science of the earth, time, and space.  The show is hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.  The show talks about scientific facts, past scientists, and amazing scientific discoveries that happened and why they are important.  Cosmos should be on your local Fox channel so check your channel guide.  I plan to blog about more shows in upcoming posts.


Are you a fan of STAR WARS?  Do you find origami interesting?  Then check out “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” by Tom Angleberger and other books in the series.

The first book follows a sixth grade boy named Tommy, as he tries to find out if his very weird classmate Dwight’s finger puppet Yoda can use the FORCE.

Tommy does this in the form of a case file and with the help of friends finds out if he can ask Yoda a huge question.

Read “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” to find out the question.


THE LEGO MOVIE in theaters

I am going to talk about the LEGO MOVIE which is about and seemingly ordinary LEGO man named Emmet.  In the movie Emmet is taken on a crazy adventure being told he is the “special” from the prophecy.  The quest is to stop the evil Lord Business from ending the world.  So I saw the movie and you should check it out.